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Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is becoming a popular design choice among residential and commercial property owners. It is often compared to hardwood and vinyl; however, it is soft on the feet, warm to the touch and very durable for high-traffic areas. It is available in an array of colors and is complementary to most decors.

Our photo gallery has some great examples of how cork flooring can look in different environments, and our product line showcases the dozens of different styles we have available.


The number #1 reason people like cork flooring is because it feels soft but firm to the feet, and is very quiet. The minute you step onto a cork floor your knees and back relax. You’ll love the feeling of cork flooring against your body and the quiet insulating qualities it provides whether you stand in the kitchen for hours, practice yoga in your rec room, living room or bedroom, or just want to sit quietly in prayer or meditation.

Fact: Cork can last from 50-75 years in most applications.

What makes cork so special?

Here a few of its amazing attributes:

  • Highly compressible and resilient
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulator
  • Naturally resistant to mold and mildew
  • Warm to the touch
  • Naturally resistant to fire
  • Hypoallergenic and insect-resistant
  • Stable in various temperatures
  • Renewable resource
  • Highly versatile with not just many, but with hundreds, of uses

Quality Flooring and Carpets has a large library of Cork Flooring samples in Calgary offering a large variety of styles which can make your dreams a reality. With many Cork Flooring options available to quick ship we help you to meet the needs of your projects.


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